A Well Kneaded Massage with Kimberly Jonas provides personalized care. Kim specializes in various massage techniques to promote both physical and mental wellbeing. Her expertise includes Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, medical massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, reflexology, cupping, and aromatherapy. Kim's massages offer a host of physical benefits. By enhancing circulation, her techniques improve blood flow, promoting the delivery of vital nutrients to muscles and tissues. Clients benefit from decreased muscle stiffness, reduced joint inflammation, improved flexibility, and quicker recovery between workouts; they also experience a better quality of sleep, heightened immune response, and a decrease in pain and soreness. Clients frequently report feeling less stressed and more relaxed following their sessions. With her skill, compassion, and dedication, Kim ensures that each session at A Well Kneaded Massage is tailored to promote physical rejuvenation and mental harmony.

Kimberly Jonas


Integrative Health & Wellness Center, LLC

1928 Court Ave,
Baker City, OR



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