An intuitive approach to healing with Bethany Adams.

BRIGHIDS LTD uses metaphysics philosophy to help others heal. Bethany Adams focuses on quantum and energetic frequencies to help others have intellectual and intuitive breakthroughs. Sessions address several areas of human experience such as traumas, past lives, physical dis-ease, spiritual self-expression, recognition, attunement, and misalignment. Bethany creates homegrown organic herbs to assist those aiming to enhance their natural gifts. She offers natural and tumbled crystals to her clients and is in the process of preparing short, affordable classes for those interested in learning more about metaphysics. Since childhood, Bethany has been passionate about healing and walking with others on their spiritual journey. She looks forward to sharing more of her experience and knowledge with those who choose to use her services.

Brighids, Ltd. specializes in the development of the Sölcraft, a transformative approach to soul resonance and ascension. Through a combination of intellectual and intuitive healing techniques, Bethany Adams offers an experience that fosters harmonious synergy for the fulfillment of your soul's journey. Our methods revolve around natural, non-invasive remedies and the utilization of universal elements. We focus on soul-level intuitive healing, providing an alternative healthcare approach that complements mainstream medicine. The aim of sessions is to address the entire energetic body, encompassing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic systems. By promoting balance on all levels, we strive to support your overall well-being and holistic health.

Bethany Adams


What does a session with Bethany look like?

A typical session with Bethany is done using quantum physics tools such as stones, crystals, and other earth elements. With the help of sound frequencies and chanelling, Bethany seeks to open up a line of communication with your highest self, to encourage a synergistic connection between your mind, body, spirit, heart and soul. Sessions last an hour and a half and are done with the client lying on a table. Bethany places specific stones on different parts of the body and allows you time to rest and relax. Afterward, she reviews what has been shared through her skilled channeling and discusses your shifts in energetic frequencies. If certain areas need more of a release or affirmation, Bethany will help you come up with a plan for revisiting these areas.

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